Q & A

COVID – 19 



Will school transportation be available for all eligible students in the 2021-2022 school year?

Yes, transportation will be available to all eligible students. 

How do you plan on cleaning and sterilizing the buses every day?

Our consortium is ensuring that all bus operators are fully aware of, and follow, the enhanced cleaning protocols for buses, as directed by the federal government guidelines.

What safety measures will be in place on school buses due to COVID-19?

Students in grades 1-12 will be required to wear a face mask while riding the bus.  Students in grades JK & SK are not required to wear a mask but are encouraged to do so. 

School bus drivers are required to wear face masks at all times and will also be required to wear a face shield when students are loading or unloading from the bus.

Windows will be opened as much as possible (weather permitting) to allow for added ventilation.

Students who forget or lose their face mask will be provided one by the bus driver.  The student’s name will be recorded and reported to the parent through the school to ensure they don’t forget in the future.

Buses will be cleaned and disinfected twice a day; before the morning routes and again before the afternoon routes.  This includes frequently touched surfaces such as handrails, seats, seat tops, interior window handles, keys, steering wheel, shift lever and console, dashboard and any other commonly touched surface.

What happens at a school bus stop while waiting for the bus?

Students, parents and caregivers should, where possible, maintain a minimum of 2 meters (6 feet) of distancing between people when waiting at a school bus stop.

Do siblings have to sit together?

Yes, siblings are encouraged to share seats to minimize risks.

Will students be assigned a seat on the school bus or can they sit anywhere?

A seating plan will be put in place considering siblings, classroom cohorts and stop location order where possible.  A record of the seating plan will be kept to assist with contact tracing in the case of a student or driver contracting COVID-19.  Students are not allowed to change seats.

Will the bus driver assist with any direction while students on the bus?

Students shall follow the bus driver’s instructions regarding disembarking from the school bus and unloading will be conducted from the front of the bus to the rear where possible, one seat at a time with students maintaining physical distancing from other students in the aisle where possible.

Are there any other things students should be aware of while riding a school bus?

Students should not bring any large items on the bus that would normally not fit it a pack-sack.

Students should not discard any face coverings/masks, or other personal protection items (i.e. gloves) on the school bus.